Young Explorers

( 3 to 5 years old ECS)

Children ages 3 to 5 years are growing rapidly in every area of development: socially, physically, intellectually and emotionally. Developmentally appropriate activities based on children's interests and needs are planned to offer each child opportunities for challenge and success.

Young children learn through exploration- they are surrounded by real and meaningful experience in a hands-on project based curriculum. Ample materials are available for children to explore. Children and teacher discuss and share their observations and learning experiences.

The daily routine provides a balance of small and large groups - time to be alone, time for children to interact with each other, time for children and teacher to engage in meaningful conversations. We also provide a balance of inside and outside explorations. There is flexibility in our routine based on emerging needs and interests of the children. At the same time, we believe children need a consistent, predictable routine. Children are competent and able to adapt to changes in their environment and routine when supported by caring, trusting adults.

Daily verbal communication ensures that the parents are properly informed of their child's day. Parents are also provided with a formal progress report once a year.

*** Copy of Daily Schedule is available upon request.